A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

– Lao Tzu


Our journey started in 2012 with a small team of freelance architects. Our first venture was in New Delhi with the name of “Creative Architects and Designers”. We worked upon various projects of designing residential apartments, builder flats, private residence, luxury city homes and budget house planning of small and medium scale constructions.

In the coming 2 - 3 years we completed over 100’s of projects in Delhi-NCR. We always believed in innovating our products in context to customer experience.


Our vison was always on improving the quality of drawings for its effectiveness during actual sitework. The primary goal of engineering drawings is to guide the construction process with a practical roadmap. The drawings should be easily understandable by the construction contractor and those site workers who have to do the practical implementation.



After years of endeavor and challenges we realized, that the traditional format of architectural and structural drawings are normally complicated in nature, which is not bad but it ultimately creates confusion during the site work of residential constructions.

A slight misinterpretation of drawings can cause huge losses, in terms of time, money, aesthetics, visual appearance and even structural safety. In 2016, we started a research to simplify the structural and architectural drawings.

The Outcome’s

After months of extensive research and analysis we came up with a special format of colour coded drawings which were easier to understand by site owner, contractors and site workers.
Traditionally, the engineering drawings are in black & white format only, but we coded our drawings in different colors, so that its very easy to differentiate between different structural elements like columns, beams, thickness of reinforcement bars and various other aspects of architectural drawings.

The Benefit’s

Engineer & Architects will understand the drawings anyway, but the drawings and project files are not made to keep in drawers.
We create our project files, keeping in mind about the convenience of construction contractor and site workers. The amount of confusion calls from site contractors have reduced significantly. Also the chances of mistakes during the site work are bare minimum.


Our format of drawings are a great success. We are the only service provider in India which provides all architectural and structural drawings in colour. Also the colored floor plan provided by us is best in class and one of its kind in 2d drawings segment.

After the completion of research, we started our online venture along with a few employees having a shared vision of spreading the reach of our services to all major cities of India.

With that intent we established our company in 2017, with the name NAKSHA BAZAAR Private Limited. Which has been recognized as Startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, part of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.


The startup has been working towards providing quality services to the people who are planning to start a new construction project. It can be a dream home, a builder flat, a residential apartment or a commercial building. We have the solution for all your construction planning needs.



It was in the mid of 2019, we introduced a brand name “FLOORPLAN BAZAAR” to diversify our reach and enhance brand recall. Today we are serving all across the country. Providing architectural & structure planning services along with interior and exterior 3d visualization services thru our online platform. After months of development and refinements. We launched our user friendly and easy to use website:

Here you can explore our services, check pricing as per your plot size, view the payment schedule, buy our bundled packages, make online payment, track your work progress, view designs, drawings and much more. You can follow us on social media for latest updates and designs. Visit our YouTube Channel for exciting video walkaround tours of interior and 3d front elevation designs.


We believe in expanding our reach to all major cities of the country. Currently our head office is in New Delhi, India. All the work for residential projects are processed from Delhi head office and sub-branches.

Currently we have our backend offices present in various major cities. Whereas, if an office location is not available in your city, don’t worry.
The process that we follow makes it effortless and convenient for all customers to avail our services from any part of India. Just contact us, regardless of your location or the scope of work. We will provide you with the best services at best rates.


What We Do ?

If you are planning to start a new construction project, you will need an architect for floor planning, an engineer for structure drawings, an interior designer, a construction contractor and many other consultants.
Finding out consultants who can cater your needs along with fitting into your budget, can take a lot of time and efforts.
At floorplan bazaar, we have crafted, solutions for all your needs under one roof.

How We Do ?

Just select one of our house designing packages, and hire a local construction contractor, and you are all set to start your construction work within a few weeks.
We have a team of engineers and architects, who are expert in accomplishing projects of any scope and size.
Our drawings have high level of accuracy, and are simplified and colour coded in a way that everyone can easily understand them during the sitework.

What Do We Offer ?

We have two full-service packages.
MODERN and LUXURY - House Design Package.

In the Modern package we offer floor planning services along with structure drawings, door-window designs, electrical-plumbing layouts, 3d front elevation and a free video walkthrough of exterior elevation. You can buy this package by just paying 25% advance.

Whereas, our flagship Luxury House Design Package is the best that you can have for your construction project. Along with the services provided in modern package, here you will get interior designing services, 3d video walkthrough, 360-degree VR tours and more. You can buy this package by just paying 15% advance for starting the floor planning work.

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